Member Testimonials

from Camila Alire, former ALA President

I appreciate REFORMA Colorado because it allows me to keep current on events/issues affecting Colorado libraries that serving Latino residents.  I especially like the collegiality of my fellow Reformistas and getting together with them at meetings and events.

from Robert Ayala, Loveland Public Library
Before I arrived at the Loveland Public Library, some of the librarians on the Adult Services Staff at Loveland knew the library needed to improve the Spanish Collection Development philosophy, policies, and message, as well as develop a plan for outreach, programming, and retention to Latinos.  When I arrived they asked me to join a small committee dedicated to addressing this need. I found out very quickly that we needed a complete reset. It’s something were are just beginning to do.  In my opinion, we can’t do this without the work of Reforma.

from Simone Groene-Nieto, Jefferson County Public Library
REFORMA Colorado has definitely helped me grow as a leader in libraryland. By being an officer I’ve gained invaluable experience facilitating meetings, collaborating virtually, and working as part of a diverse and knowledgeable team to actually make positive things happen for Latinos and Spanish speaking library customers in our state. I’ve also used the Reforma network countless times to locate like-minded individuals for projects. If you are looking for an “in” into the Colorado library network, Reforma is amazing; I can’t recommend it highly enough.

from Viviana Casillas, Denver Public Library 
20160224_093011 (3).jpg
I had heard about REFORMA CO since I was an after-school assistant at DPL back in 1996! I  always heard my mentors talk about REFORMA CO and the many good things the group were responsible for. By 2006 I became more interested about it and during RNC IV in Denver, I became a member.  So bad I did not do it before.  I have learned so much from Pilar, Lisa, Ghada, Lando, and Camila los 5 pilares de Reforma (to me).  I see the passion they have and how it makes me want to continue to be a Reformista.  I have felt the support and the Love from my fellow Reformistas in time of pain and I am in debt for ever.  With the support of the Denver Public Library and my fellow Reformistas y de mi familia, I graduated from Emporia State University in December 2016!

from Heidi Becker, Denver Public Library
Being part of Colorado-REFORMA has afforded me the opportunity to connect with colleagues across the state who are interested in promoting and providing services for Spanish speakers of all ages. This network has been a valuable resource for me as I continue to work at gaining and retaining more Spanish speaking patrons while learning what services they need and want.

from Lisa Murillo at Denver Public Library
I attended REFORMA meetings with my aunt before I became a librarian and have known it to be such a wonderful organization. I quickly joined REFORMA Colorado after library school and continue to feel supported by my fellow members I have called amigos.  I always leave our meetings with insight, ideas and a few laughs!

from Katherine Kerber at Douglas County Libraries
I remember when the representatives came to our library class to tell us about REFORMA.  I didn’t really know what to expect, but I am glad that I joined.  One of the greatest benefits of being a member of REFORMA is having the chance to meet all the Reformistas.  There is such a wide representation of members across the Colorado districts and all of them are really great people and have great things to say about life and life in Libraryland.  Another benefit is being able to visit different libraries.  This has been formative for me, both as a professional and a student.  Our buildings are such treasure troves of great ideas, and having the excuse to go on a tour has been really beneficial.  Beyond that, the benefits keep on going: by joining you have the opportunity to work as leaders and great thinkers in helping secure the futures of hispanics in your community.  That, in and of itself, makes signing up for REFORMA worth it.

from Deborah Dauenheimer, Jefferson County Public Library
REFORMA has been a wonderful resource for our library system in assisting us with services to Latino patrons.  It is a wonderful group full of knowledgeable and resourceful individuals.  I am thankful that REFORMA is available.