April 1, 2024

Membership Meeting

Officers Attendees: Nadia Rendon Archibeque, Orlando Monique Ramos Nadia Rendon Vladimir Flores, Denisse Solis.

  • Thank you Eric and the Broomfield library for hosting the meeting.
  • New interim REFORMA CO secretary: Ernesto Escarsega until new secretary comes on board after the elections
  • Elections for the vice president, webmaster, and secretary coming soon. The nomination form opens in the next couple of weeks. The election is in May, and newly elected officers start in June and start in July. 

How long are the terms for the officers? 

Section 1. The officers of this organization shall be the President, the Vice-President, the Past President, the Secretary-Historian, the Treasurer and the Webmaster.

Section 2. The terms of office shall be from July 1 to June 30th. With the exception of the Treasurer position, all of the Officers shall hold their offices for a term of one year or until their successors are chosen. Officers may succeed themselves in office for an unlimited number of terms. The term of office for the Treasurer position shall be for a term of two years. Any officer may be removed at any time by a majority of the membership at a regularly scheduled or special scheduled meeting.

* Open to new members, and people can be reelected.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Looking for volunteers for the REFORMA Colorado Conference at DU. Support from DU with parking again. Thinking about November 8th. We need a date in the next two weeks, Friday, April 12th. Friday, November 8th seems to be the final date, Denisse will confirm with DU.
  • Hosting the conference on a Friday because DU has fewer students on Fridays. 
  • Create a space for people if they need a space for a meditation room. 
  • Ideas for a theme for the conference. Send ideas to officers@reformacolorado.org
  • Call for presentations once we decide the theme.

 Mini-Grants. $800 available. Available to support programs

  • Mini-grants range from 50-100 dollars or professional development 50-150 dollars. On July 1st, we can spend funds on proposals. Application dates and form. Not many applications for grants
  • Scholarships. $4000 scholarship funds available. Maybe one grant is offered per year. Award a 1000 scholarship for a Reforma Colorado member attending an MLS program. Mid-May decision June 1 and let the person know by June 15th 
  • If you are not getting email, please email officers@denverlibrary.org.
  • Restructuring the website to have notes meeting information on the website. 
  • The meetings are posted on the main website. There is a link with the dates, hours, and meeting information. 
  • The next meeting is in Lafayette on June 3rd and Pueblo on August 12 at noon. Location for October 7th. Maybe the Lena Archuleta Branch can host in October. 

Open for any announcements from members

  • Announcements: The Latino poetry grant
  • June 21 Colorado Book Awards ceremony in Auraria.
  • CLIC is having the CLIC and Connect event in April and May. If members want to attend, Fort Morgan and Pueblo are the closest. Link. 
  • ALSC institute and REFORMA  Social hour September 20th. – Fundraiser with proceedings going to Children In Crisis efforts. 
  • There is a scholarship for CALCON dozen available. Please apply. Applications are open now and will be announced in July. The conference is in Breckenridge. For questions please contact Tiah, CAL past president, Frankish_t@cde.state.co.us
  • April 9th, 2 pm. Reforma National Celebrating Library Week. Free to attend the event. Register at Reforma.org