Meeting Notes September 2014

REFORMA Colorado

Officer’s Meeting

September 23, 2014

Las Fuentes





In Attendance: Simone Groene-Nieto, Past President; Orlando Archibeque, Treasurer; Rita A Puig, Secretary/Historian


  1. Comunidad Meeting Sept 11 – How Higher Education is engaging the Latino Community?


Simone attended this meeting and reported that it was very interesting. The presenters discussed Metro’s Asset program which allows undocumented students to pay in-state tuition. They also touched on barriers to success for Latino students. Metropolitan State University is currently an emerging Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI). The presenters seemed to be interested in networking with REFORMA.


  1. REFORMA Colorado Accounts


Rita will be consolidating all REFORMA Colorado accounts information, including usernames and passwords, into one document and distributing to all the officers. These accounts include Facebook, Google, GoDaddy, Bank Account, WordPress and PO Box.


  1. 2015 REFORMA Colorado Mini-Conference


  • Categories for presentations: 1)Outreach, 2)Legal Advocacy/Issues Facing Immigrants & 3)Programing and Instruction.
  • Currently the plan is to have 6 break-out sessions with the possibility of adding 2 more depending on the pool of proposals. It was also decided that some programs might be offered more than once, since sessions will run concurrent.
  • Poster sessions (at least 5 Posters) will take place during the coffee break.
  • Call for proposals will go out in early October with a November 15 deadline.
  • Budget was discussed. Money will be spent on food and office supplies. Conference fee will be $20 this year. There’s the possibility of receiving a donation again from CLiC.
  • Five scholarships will be awarded.
  • New logo might be unveiled at Mini-conference.


  1. Plan for 2014/2015 year: projects to take on as per the brainstorm from membership meeting in June


Tabled till next meeting.


  1. Review By Laws: explore the addition of a PR standing committee; explore addition of continuing education responsibility


Tabled till next meeting and combined with guidelines for large donations.


  1. Treasurer’s report/RNC V Contribution


Tabled till next meeting.


  1. REFORMA National Children in Crisis Project


Tabled till next meeting.


  1. Bimonthly Spanish practice meet-ups for library staff – Laurie Spurling’s idea


Tabled till next meeting and combined with By Laws discusion.


  1. Guidelines for large donations


Tabled till next meeting.



REFORMA Colorado Officer’s Meeting 9-23-14 – Minutes