Meeting Notes March 2014

March Officer’s Meeting Minutes

Tuesday September 25th

Ruby Nugent (Anschutz Campus)

Camila Alire (Dean Emeritus), Orlando Archibeque (Auraria Library), Dustin Goforth (Aurora Library),

I. Mini-Conference Planning

a. Flyers and PR is done. The Marketing has been sent out. Another follow-up will be sent

b. Karen Alfino has made the call for volunteers (thank you!)

c. Viviana and Robin have put together directions to the event on the website.

d. IT will be handled by Nate on the day of the event. There will not be an electronic option

e. We are going to try to put out a schedule so that everyone knows what time every

f. Dustin will begin to contact those with programs to determine seating arrangements

g. We have received a $100 anonymous grant to allow those unable to pay the fee for

closer to the date. this time for the conference program will be shortly

the conference to come to the conference. We will send it out soon via the REFORMA

listserv. Please spread this out amongst others; this can be a great opportunity to

invite other people into REFORMA and see the benefits of membership. THANK YOU


II. The Website is up. The new link for the website is


a. Our previous site-administrator GoDaddy will no longer be needed. We will see if we

III. Update on the Tax Issue

a. There isn’t much to report at this time

b. The chapter will be incurring a $400 penalty unfortunately for the oversight, but we are

c. Current funds have been dispersed to REFORMA National until the error can be fixed

IV. Other Updates

a. Teen lit-Conference

can retrieve the backed-up zip files from the prior website

still in good shape

a. The exhibitors are going to be Cecilia Hem Lee and Deborah Dauenheimer.

b. We are working on the poster board to show off the scholarship winners.

c. Cecilia and Deborah will take a picture with the kids that won the scholarship so

we can post it to our website and also send it out to REFORMA National

b. The next Officers Meeting has been scheduled for May 27th

c. The next Membership meeting will be held at the Anschutz Campus on June 17th

10-12. We are going to try and have CLLARO (Colorado Latino Leadership, Advocacy, and

Research Organization) come to present at the meeting.